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Accurately complete your entire payroll in just a few clicks–so you can spend more time doing what you love. With QuickBooks Payroll (and QuickBooks Pro), you can: calculate & remit payroll taxes, create & print paycheques, ensure you’re compliant with government requirements, and email paystubs to employees. So save time & money. Pay employees easily […]

Accurately complete your entire payroll in just a few clicks–so you can spend more time doing what you love. With QuickBooks Payroll (and QuickBooks Pro), you can: calculate & remit payroll taxes, create & print paycheques, ensure you’re compliant with government requirements, and email paystubs to employees. So save time & money. Pay employees easily (and with confidence). Accurately file & pay your taxes. QuickBooks Payroll 2010 The Payroll Centre guides you through the process of paying your employees. Click to enlarge. QuickBooks automatically updates your tax tables with the latest government information. Click to enlarge. The Employee Centre lists all your employees, along with details for the selected employee. Click to enlarge. Find all your common payroll tasks in one handy place. Click to enlarge. Do Your Payroll in 4 Steps. In House. Easily. If you pay your employees weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, QuickBooks Payroll can help dramatically cut the amount of time you spend on payroll. And improve efficiencies. And eliminate double-entry. All in just 4 steps: Choose the payroll you’d like to run, based on the employees to pay Enter the hours everyone has worked Review & approve the QuickBooks summary of gross & net pay Print the paycheques & payslips (or go green & securely email slips out) Keeps You Accurate, Compliant & Worry-Free. Automatically. We automatically send you updates for your QuickBooks Payroll as they become available–so your tax tables are always up to date. And because Payroll automatically calculates & tracks government (CRA) payroll details or liabilities, you always know exactly how much you owe. QuickBooks Payroll also calculates the income tax contributions you’re required to pay and provides you with step-by-step guidance to complete your returns–including e-filing. All told, that’s at least 5 fewer things for you to worry about. Easily Handles 100 Employees… Or Just 1. Made to ensure that your payroll meets all published standards, QuickBooks Payroll is fully accredited by the CRA and designed to handle payroll tasks for up to 100 employees. QuickBooks Payroll automatically calculates employee-specific payroll info, such as: Salaries & commissions Hourly pay Overtime Income tax Vacation pay Maternity or paternity pay Bonuses & incentives for performance Such Great, Meaty Payroll Functionality. All on 1 Screen. In QuickBooks Pro + Payroll, you’ll find the very handy Employee Centre and Payroll Centre, two areas that will make it uber-easy for you to access all your payroll activities… from a single screen. These centres are part of a simple workflow that saves you time & keeps you accurate when it comes to paying yourself & your employees. Just enter employee hours on a single screen, and finish your payroll tasks–from calculating paycheques to viewing payroll liabilities–in a fraction of the time. PLUS! QuickBooks Payroll includes built-in schedulers to remind you to process your payroll on-time and in the right tax period. Eliminate Double-Entry with QuickBooks Pro + Payroll. Because Payroll is made by QuickBooks to work with QuickBooks Pro, tax table updates to Pro are automatic. So you save time on data entry and improve data accuracy. And if you grow your business and decide to upgrade to QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Payroll upgrades right along with you. QuickBooks Pro 2010 Intuit’s most popular solution for small businesses, QuickBooks Pro 2010 helps you reclaim your day (and get back more billable hours) with easy-to-use financial management tools. Get an instant overview of the health of your company. Click to enlarge. The QuickBooks Company Snapshot: A Single View of What You Need to Know. Get a real-time, easy-to-understand overview of your business with the Company Snapshot, which you can easily access in just a click from the QuickBooks Home Page. The Company Snapshot shows you which customers owe you money, what bills you need to pay and even what you need to do by the end of the day. So there’s no need to manually create to-do lists or reminders. Just start each day with a look at your business’s Snapshot, and use it to guide your activities for the day. Money Comes In. Money Goes Out. You Easily Track It All. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at a single screen and see everyone who owes you money… and when you can expect it in your account? QuickBooks can show you that… in just a click or two. Create invoices, sales receipts & credit notes Track & manage stock–so you always know what’s in, what’s low and what’s on order Create POs Customize your Chart of Accounts to your needs Manage taxes & remittances And that’s just scratching the surface. Plus, you’ll always stay ahead of money you owe, too–so you can write cheques to vendors & suppliers with total confidence that they’ll clear your account and keep you in good standing. Because You Probably Didn’t Start Your Business Hoping to Do Accounts Payable or Receivable… QuickBooks tracks A/P and A/R for you. And it does much more than that, like simplifying government remittances & financial account management in general. It’s easy to find the tasks you need the most from the QuickBooks Home Page. Click to enlarge. Enter transactions on easy-to-use forms. Click to enlarge. QuickBooks reports show you everything from transaction details to a high-level overview of your company. Click to enlarge. The Customer Centre lists all your customers, along with details and transactions for the selected customer. Click to enlarge. Track the time you or an employee spend on a particular job. When you create an invoice for this customer, add the time with just a few clicks. Just enter bills as they come in, and QuickBooks will remind you when those bills are due (so you can keep your money in the bank a bit longer). Quickly pinpoint exactly where a customer order is at–estimated, invoiced, partially or fully paid, or overdue Email statements in batches to remind customers of payments due Create reports that show which suppliers you need to pay… and whether you can afford to pay them or not Use Real Info about Your Business’s Past To Make Decisions about Your Business’s Future. Why guess at important business decisions, like which clients to send thank-you packages to and how to grow your business best? Instead, look to the data, just like Fortune 500 companies do. QuickBooks Pro helps you make sense of all the numbers flowing through your business, such as: Unbilled hours (and lost dollars) Unpaid bills Payment histories for each customer Exact cash on hand at any moment Pay rates for contractors & employees Inventory, waste & what that’s costing you Use QuickBooks Pro to track & organize all your important business data–and generate real insights to help you turn your business into what you hoped it would be. Give Your Customers Outstanding Service… Without Even Trying. Nothing feels better than hearing your customers’ delight when they call to place an order… and you already know what they want. With the QuickBooks Customer Centre, you’ve got all your customer details–all in one place. Use the Centre to track & manage customer locations, phone numbers & order history so you’ll be better able to anticipate & respond to their needs each time they call you up. Or even proactively call them when you’re offering a discount on their favourite items! Now Featuring QuickFilter Just type the text you’re looking for into the search box, and QuickFilter finds it fast. Don’t Let Cash Slip Between the Cracks. Get Paid for the Hours You Work. Easy project management functionality in QuickBooks Pro helps you stay organized and invoice for the work you’ve actually done. Keep track of exactly what work you’ve done for each client (so you bill accurately) Estimate better by creating standard lists of tasks for different jobs Run reports to see what time & costs you haven’t billed yet QuickBooks Pro even reminds you of unbilled hours when you invoice a customer! By tracking time & expenses for each job and turning that info into both estimates & invoices, you’ll leave less money on the table. Did You Know? 9 out of 10 QuickBooks users say that QuickBooks helps them stay on top of their expenses and be more profitable. Accept Pesos, Euros, Pounds, Rupees, Yen… And Even Good Ol’ Dollars. QuickBooks Pro makes it easy for you to transact in multiple currencies–without worrying about looking up current exchange rates or calculating & converting those rates to Canadian dollars. So you can accept payments from your client in Sapporo, expand your customer base throughout the US and even work with that new supplier in Bangalore. Without ever worrying about the math. We Can’t Makes Taxes or GST/HST Go Away. But We Can Make Them a Little Less Taxing. Did you know that every expense you enter into QuickBooks automatically maps to its corresponding tax line on your return? That means you barely have to lift a finger when tax time rolls around. Just create a simple “Tax Agency Report” in Pro, and see what numbers go where. Done! Oh, and let’s not forget about GST remittances. Your GST is due 2 weeks after a quarter finishes, which doesn’t leave you a lot of time. Thankfully, you can quickly complete your sales tax return in Pro… and then eFile it! No stamps. No risk of post office delays. And no late penalties (as long as you eFile on time, of course). Can Excel, Word or Simply Accounting help you eFile? Nope. Comes with Expert Support–So You’re Not Alone. Enjoy a free support call in the first 60 days of registering your QuickBooks financial management software. You also get ongoing free support at the QuickBooks Support Centre (online) and on the QuickBooks Community, which features detailed contributions by accountants & QuickBooks experts. New–The QuickBooks Live Community & QuickBooks Coach The new Live Community lets you reach out to other entrepreneurs from directly within your QuickBooks product–so you can access specific help from people just like you. And the QuickBooks Coach walks you through common tasks, showing you each step to take and what to do in it. No Accounting Experience Required. QuickBooks is built for Canadian entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants & small business owners. With familiar-looking onscreen cheques, invoices & reports, QuickBooks is the financial management software choice of over 4 million small business owners worldwide because it’s easy, affordable & powerful. Do you still need a bookkeeper or accountant? If you already have an accountant, speak with them to see how you can improve efficiencies (which can reduce the hours they bill you) with QuickBooks. It may be useful to continue to use an accountant or bookkeeper for your business tax returns & more complex tasks–including advising you on how to grow your business. Why Worry? Trust Our Unconditional 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. If QuickBooks doesn’t meet your expectations, just let us know within about two months of purchasing it. And we’ll refund you the purchase price + tax in as little as 24 hours–and definitely fewer than 4 weeks. Proud to be here for entrepreneurs & small businesses… for decades For 25 years, Intuit–the makers of QuickBooks–have helped small businesses start, grow & thrive. Experience the benefits of choosing well-designed solutions from an established software provider that understands your challenges, wants to help you succeed… and loves what you do.

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